So, I became a bit of a cliche and decided I wanted to become a writer. The word writer is actually a very scary word for me to say aloud as I don’t think I’m good at writing. I babble far too much and go off track and train of thought all the time.

I was sitting on a beach at the beginning of August, in Bude, Cornwall and had just finished reading a book, The Sister by Louise Jensen. Louise lived in my village a few years ago. Our paths have crossed at some point in our lives as her name is familiar.

Anyway, I sat listening to the waves crashing against the rocks wondering whether I could do the same. It is the first book she has written and is currently in the book charts now! So is this something I could do? Would I be able to make it as an author?

This is why I am here. I thought I should test the waters of writing by starting up a blog. Little paragraphs are not scary at all … Maybe I might be good and people may like what I write.


Only time will tell …


2 thoughts on “Why I am here …

  1. Hello Mocha! Welcome to the blogosphere.

    I think every writer, published or aspiring, has felt (or is feeling) the way you do. The idea is to keep writing anyway. 🙂 I recently found a quote on twitter that sums up writing perfectly in my opinion (lol):

    “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”
    —Ernest Hemingway

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    1. Very true! Maybe I need to pull my positivity pants a little higher! I’ve not really got a story started as yet but will be establishing a rough storyline on my journey home tomorrow


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