I’ve never been good with writing letters or posts on Facebook, I tend to just babble. When writing it has always been full of mistakes, errors in punctuation and missing descriptive words.

My writing is basic without all the frills and fancy words. But I rarely abbreviate words. I may use the odd OMG! or Thanks … That is one thing that will always frustrate me. I sometimes see adults my age writing a post that is full of abbreviations like cud u, and cu l8r m8! Why? It takes more time and effort than to write the actual word!

It takes too much thinking time I don’t have!

Good old fashioned  writing for me please!

6 thoughts on “No abbreviations please!

    1. Haha! I just don’t have the time for them … I’m normally busy with the kids so any few minutes I have spare I’m grabbing a quick scroll lol. … I do use some as u can see 😊


  1. I agree with you.I think I spend more time trying to decipher the message than the conversation should require. I worry about the generations coming up. Will they use real words? Or will everything be done in shorthand, text speak, and emojis? I love language too much to give up my words.

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  2. I may be a fossil, but I have made a very good living writing proper English with no shortcuts. I strongly suggest you treat your blog as a literary exercise and eschew the internet slang. Good luck.

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