Exciting Times Ahead!

We are going home after a lovely two weeks in Cornwall with my family spending quality time together, but it is time to say goodbye until next year. It’s been a holiday of joy and disappointment, fun and happy times, eating too much food and drinking so much of the wrong things! For Mocha addicted me … Too much coffee! Finally … This holiday has brought me some time to make some decisions…

I can’t continue as I am, changes need to be made to save us all. The children need more time with Mummy making memories! I’ve realised my health is not good. For many years I’ve struggled and continued as I was but it’s time to get this sorted!

I’ve decided it’s time to focus on my businesses and create time to work on building my customer base. If I do this I will be able to build a better future for my family. This time last year I started a new business and I’m no nearer to being financially stable. I’ve dropped the ball! I need to build time into my routine to make the time. This is easy to do so won’t be a problem.

I’ve started a Blog! I’ve always wanted to do this so here I am! I’ve started already! I’m doing it!

I’ve decided to write a book. More info to follow but for now, it’s going to be so much fun! I’ve never written anything in my life!

Until later … Once I’m home!

Have a good day!

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