The World can be a very misleading place.

In times of hardship and illness,  you expect someone to be there for you when no one else is. When you have no family or when the ones you do have are busy, you draw on a friends help. But what if they are not there? Who do you turn to? You don’t. You cope. Life is a test for many reasons and one of them is to worm out the people you see through rose tinted glasses. They are not always who they seem, you realise this when you need them. The people you think will be there are often the ones who are not. The people you least expect to be there to help are the ones who most surprise us with kindness and understanding.

Choose who to trust carefully. Usually, the people who take your help are the ones who don’t give it back when needed.

Don’t learn the hard way … Friendship is a Luxury!

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Luxury 

  1. Living and learning. My experience is that nowadays everybody is super busy with their own issues. Family is the only one I can count on. And that includes only my parents.


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