Family time is precious!


When it is time to spend the holiday as a family we look forward to all the precious times together we will have. The mundane routine is replaced with the relaxed atmosphere that time no longer exists. The freedom of choice of activities becomes an exciting adventure. The morning is lazy, breakfast is not planned but consumed when hungry. Bedtime .. There is no bedtime!

We envision all the things we will do, go to the beach, walk along the coastal walks, take lots of family photographs and look out to sea. Meet family, build a sandcastle and eat traditional Cornish foods, visit the places we love and meet new families.

The reality is … The kids will play up! The dog won’t walk! We never have food in the fridge!  We eat too many takeaways! The caravan awning will get wind blown and the poles fall down! The kids will fight scream and argue! It will rain!

… But all in all, it is still our holiday! Although it will always be eventful with children and a dog, we know that memories of the time we spent together will be the most precious times we remember. The fun of games until midnight, playing cards and keeping a tally of who wins the most, ice cream that melted all over our hands, the rolling up of the windbreak that nearly knocked us unconscious in the wind. The new friends we will meet and the time spent together!

I wouldn’t change a thing … Except for the kid’s behaviour of course!

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