I’m currently taking part in a ten-day challenge with WordPress, Blogging University.
Its aim is to increase audience and give my blog a kickstart. I’m still fairly new to blogging and starting out as a newbie is quite daunting to start a new career in something totally alien to me. I can write Facebook posts, emails and such like but to actually write with a professional purpose is the scary part.

The reason I started a blog was to gain experience in writing through a platform that is anonymous. Facebook doesn’t really give this and its creditability is somewhat questioned. I wanted a more professional feel where I can write freely without the criticism of family and friends views.

In time, they will be introduced to my blog but for now, I like to be me, in my thoughts which are spoken aloud.

So back to my task and my Goals!
I’ve set myself three goals that for me are important ones for very different reasons.

1.   I will publish three times a week over the next three months including a new weekly feature called #MummyTalks

This new feature will be a Thursday blog post about parenthood, the struggles and joys of being a Mum to my three beautiful children. The aim is to keep a regular input on my blog and hopefully attract new followers. I’m hoping to develop new writing styles and experiment with a variety of genre.

 2.   I want to increase my blog followers and interaction on my page by 50% by increasing my blog followers to 1’500 by 1st August 2017

I don’t like to set goals too high and yes, it is a very big goal I know, but we have to reach for the stars!

3.   In six months by 1st January 2017, I will link my blog to my personal Facebook profile and go public that I am writing a Novel.

Lastly, this is my biggest goal which is more personal for me. I suffer from anxiety. I will talk more about this in future blog posts. Linking my Facebook profile and going public is BIG. I want to be able to promote my manuscript progress on my blog and publically announce that I’m writing a novel. I’m a secretive person but not in a conceited way, I just like my private life to stay private.
So they are my goals for 2016. They are short term and long term. I will achieve them or at least try my very darn hardest to. I don’t like to fail! …
How about you?

What are your goals for the next year?

Have you set goals in the past yourself?

If so I would love to hear them.

Please post in comments to get that interaction started!

10 thoughts on “Blogging and Branding

    1. That’s the reason I’m waiting. I don’t want it to look like I’ve just started a hobby, I want them to read it and say, Wow, she is established! I’m giving it 6 months to gather content and experience with the world I know! I will have a look at your page and good luck


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