What? No Wi-Fi?


After a weekend away in the caravan, our second home, I have felt that I’ve wasted 4 days of blogging! I was in the groove of daily posts and the Blogging University tasks but the lack of a wifi connection brought me to a halt!

When it comes to wifi which is embedded into our lives as a necessity not a luxury and when staying away in a caravan, in a field with no local hot spots the word ‘wifi’ is a swear word! It creates an unknown emotion well up inside that feels like your heart will explode from the anger! …

The frustration and annoyance have made me drop the flow of creativity and writing and I’m now in a position to decide the following …

  1. Catch up on 4 days activities and post all in one day! … If I do this all posts called Day 1 etc will be posted on one day … Do I call them Tasks instead?

  2. Continue from today as Day 2?


The latter is definitely the better option but I also have another dilemma … I signed up for 3 different courses! Ahh! That means to catch up it would, in fact, be 12 posts!


Decisions, decisions … What would you do?

2 thoughts on “First World Problems!

    1. I think I just need to be organised and pre write posts to schedule when I’m away for the weekend. I did write ideas down and have a nice long list of ideas 🙂


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