Oh, my word! When I saw my email included the word list I got so damn excited! I was born for lists! I love them! I have lists everywhere! For everything! This task is right up my street! Can you feel the excitement?

We have lists for everything! Shopping lists, Christmas lists, birthday lists, lists of things to do, bucket lists and a list of rules to live by! (Like Mine in the Photo!)

My list of Things I Like!

  1. The aroma of a mocha coffee in the morning.

  2. The sound of music when I’m feeling nostalgic.

  3. Binge watching TV series on Netflix with my Fiancé.

  4. Listening to my children’s laughter when playing.

  5. Caravan weekends away as a family.

  6. Walking my dog in the woods in the early morning sun.

  7. The smell of wood burning in the Chiminea.

  8. Carpool Karaoke on road trips as a family.

  9. Childhood memories of my parents and family.

  10. The sounds of birds first thing in the morning.

  11. The sound of birds first thing in the morning.

  12. Someone playing with my hair.

  13. The smell of old books.

  14. The smell of a baby’s newborn skin.

  15. Seeing a blanket of untouched snow.

  16. Taking photographs with my Nokia camera.

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