Today is Thursday! The day I introduce my new blog feature!

So I’ve participated in the Daily Post prompts, where you create a post focused on a word you use for inspiration. Read more here …  DailyPrompt

This gave me the inspiration to introduce a weekly feature to my page. One of my goals was to create a feature which I spoke about in an earlier post called Blogging Goals It’s nice to see that lots of people are posting and interacting with other people’s blogs to try and get their blog seen so I thought I would give it a go too so if you would like to participate then please do!

Mummy Talks is the new feature I have started and will be a weekly post every Thursday! (Or more if I have lots to say). It will be a mixture of parenthood, funny conversations, the struggles and joys and trials of being a Mum to three very different children! A teenager, Pre-teen and Toddler! You can’t get much different than that right?

If you would like to take part, use the #MummyTalks tag.

Also, Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think may be interested! I’d love for this to become a regular feature on The Fiction Café and for lots of my followers to join in!

Let’s all help each other get noticed!  😊

4 thoughts on “My First Mummy Talks Post!

  1. Excellent idea. I think fellow bloggers and other readers will enjoy your new feature. It will also give those that resonate with it an opportunity to add their thoughts. I have a regular feature on Sparky Jen, which seems to regularly catch the eye of my readers. I make it my business to post here at least twice a month.

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  2. I just followed. I’m happy to be of assistance reading future “Mummy” posts. I would suggest posting a “Mummy” gathering link on the Daily Post blog. Think that’s the one. Or is it on the blog that also features the Community Pool. Check it out! Just a thought.

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