Proud Mummy Moment!

So today is the day that every parent becomes a nervous wreck, paces backwards and forwards when it arrives when their child is in secondary school! It’s the day our children work hard for, for over two years. Blood, sweat, tears and doubt go through their minds as they prepare and attend their exams! Today was Year 10 GCSE Results Day!

My big girl is in year 10 at her school and did 4 subjects at GCSE level early as do all children nowadays … not like when I was at school and we had to cram all exams into one year! They now get a go at it early!

We all arrived at school, moody, stressed and worried … We left with mahoosive grins!

My daughter got her grades she wanted and more! A whole level higher than she expected! She was worried because she didn’t think she had done as well as she could have but when receiving her grade realised she actually got the highest level achievable!

We had a bit of trouble getting our heads around the results paper as it wasn’t exactly clear … bit confusing but once we worked it out it was all fab!

A very pleased and happy daughter and a very happy and proud Mummy!

it’s now time for me to pay up! I promised her big rewards for her grades! Looks like my living room carpet will have to wait!



6 thoughts on “Mummy Talks #2

  1. Oh congratulations! Well done for your daughter. I am dreading that. My daughter is now on year 9. Does promissing nice things really work? haha anything goes, just want her to do well.


    1. Yes it does, she didn’t think she would do well at all so passing her exams was a great confidence boost! I actually gave her double the amount I originally said so the bonus will hopefully help her focus in year 11! Well lets hope so anyway!


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