Memories Through the Lens




I remember taking this picture in 2012. It was the evening of our last night. We stayed at the Zafiris Hotel on Canal D’Amour in Sidari. Our hotel for two weeks coinciding with the London Olympics 2012. Corfu at Sunset over the pool.

We were on holiday with our children and his family. The image for me represents happiness, not a picture of where we stayed but the memories made for the children for years to come.

The swimming pool, still and motionless at night but active and busy during the day… The children playing in the water, learning to dive, splash bombs, pool games and water polo! Natalia and crew entertaining us with Olympic games and competition. Archery and Phil of Loxley! Pool, and table tennis champions and medals and cocktails as rewards for the winner! My sons face when he won table tennis! My daughters face when she won the water balloon throwing competition! Phil’s face when he won the Archery competition for the third time! Seeing the adults competing for the title of Lilo Race Champion! Parents sunbathing, the smell of sun lotions and ice-cream. Memories of the hilarious drunken slur of my sister-in-law after her second unbeknown double shot of Amaretto! Every woman around the pool reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Greek food, 40-degree sunshine, beautiful beaches and day trips by boat to secluded beaches and the boat trip … Oh, the thinking of boats!  The stuck anchor on the sea bed! Holiday song!

Time spent with my family and friends. My then-boyfriend and my now fiancé. He proposes to me at this hotel three years later as the sunset over the ocean. Another year with many more memories! This place and the people there will always hold a very special place in my heart.

This is my window into memories of the past, framed as my happy place!



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