Cake, what everyone craves for everyday!



It’s her 15th birthday and she asked for a chocolate cake. Covered and decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries! Did she get it? Of course, she did! It was exactly what she asked for!

She wanted a Devil’s Food Cake, All Sticky and gooey!

With chocolate buttercream in the middle and chocolate ganache on top!

She wanted chocolate dipped strawberries on top! Chocolate splattered in a pattern on top!

She loved it!

We all sang Happy Birthday to her!

Oh, wait!! Damn it! I forgot the candles!!


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Cake

  1. Chocolate is over rated it gives me migranes then i have to go to bed… that can give some people a headache too or so I’m told. But it looks beautiful… your cake; a work of art.😇

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  2. Hello..this cake look yummy..i just returned to the gym today after a long time vowing not to eat sweet…now m craving…

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