Wednesday brings us Writers Quote Wednesday sponsored by Colleen Chesebro over at Silver Threading – Fairy Whisperer, Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes

Colleen and Ronovan offer an open invitation to join their weekly blogging event called “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge! #WQWWC

Anyone can participate by choosing a quote by a favourite author you admire write a post relating to this whether it be a poem, photograph, flash fiction or real-life story using the weekly word as your inspiration. Make sure you use your quote wishing the text of your post or in the title! Most of all … Have Fun!

I’ve joined in for the last two weeks and featured both times! Thank you again, Colleen, for featuring me again!  If you would like to read my ‘Comedy’ post from last week you can find it here!

This week’s inspirational word is “Autumn”

Autumn! My favourite season!


“Fall, leaves, fall:; die, flowers, away;

Lengthen night and shorten day;

Every leaf speaks bliss to me

Fluttering from the autumn tree” ~ Emily Brontë

I absolutely have to say that autumn is my favourite season because everywhere looks so pretty and colourful. I love so much about autumn time! Walking in the park and listening to the crisp leaves crunch under foot. Walking in the woods and looking up through the trees to see an array of autumnal colours glinting from the rays of the sun. Seeing our yearly visiting flying friends who we feed with homemade feeders made of peanut butter, nuts and seeds.

img_4460Our garden resident squirrels Bubbles and Squeak who come to collect the peanuts meant for the birds! Cheeky little squirrels who are far too brave when they are the other side of the patio doors!

My children absolutely love autumn. It’s the season which brings many joyful occasions. The first is conker picking! The most fun is had when we throw the sticks haphazardly in the hope a few loose conkers will fall. I love to hear them squeal and laugh as they fight to find up the biggest one of all. They will always try to have a competition of who found the biggest. It’s the fun and laughter that Autumn brings that I love the most with joyful squeals of laughter. My three children struggling to carry their bag of their treasures home without conkers spilt out all over the floor.

Halloween is another fun celebration. My children love the fact they get sweeties which are limited during the year, I’m a mean Mum apparently because they can’t have them every day! Your teeth will thank me later my dears! Carrying their lanterns and goody bags dressed as a ghost, spider and witch! They love knocking on neighbours and friends doors but know only to call on the people we know. They run along the street to find the houses with lit pumpkins on the doorstep inviting us to visit. If they are really lucky they sometimes get a few pennies to spend!

Bonfire night! – The night where it always rains! We go to a local bonfire and fireworks night near our village. The bonfire is piled high with pallets galore with some kind of novelty stacked within. The last two years there were caravans stacked in amongst the wood and topped with a traditional Guy made by the local school. The night we have fun at the fair, eat toffee apples and here we get wrapped up warm with scarves, coats, hats and gloves.

img_0449Family camping trip at Halloween is also another fun event! Everyone meets on a Saturday night for a BBQ in the dark! Pumpkin soup, burgers and hot dogs, toasted halloumi and the salad no-one will eat! A creepy treasure hunt in the dark, following the clues while carrying lanterns made from pumpkins. Everyone walking warily as they wonder when the Mummy will be triggered by our motion that Woohoo’s to scare the kiddies! Playing games and cards in the evening altogether and sitting outside roasting marshmallows in the chilly crisp air as we all sit around the firepit singing songs. And of course, the adults drinking their cider out of Kilner jars!

What do you love about Autumn? Share your thoughts with me!


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