So, again I slipped on the blogging university challenges! Oops. I’m back on it now … again Day 4 was to post a photo from a selection provided to spark a post for today. The above image is the one I’ve chosen.

I went to Cornwall in the summer with my family and our local doggy walk looked to be something very similar to this one. I actually posted a photo within a post at the beginning of my blogging journey. So the reason I chose this image? Looking at the photo makes me smile. It’s the serenity the Forrest or woods give me. There is something very special about walking through the trees walking your dog with the morning light peeking through the trees.

It creates a very calming atmosphere where I can reflect on my life. Suffering from anxiety sometimes you just need the quiet to hear the jumble of thoughts in your mind.   As I hear the morning break with the sounds of birds the feelings of happiness often wash over me. Just getting out in the fresh air gives a feeling of release especially if I’m on my own. If I could have any wish it would be for there to be a wood on my doorstep that I could get up early in the morning and take my little Pup on a walk in. For me the nearest is a 10-minute walk away but believe me with 3 children to get ready for school I don’t have the time first thing to travel to a wood to begin my quiet ideal walk.


In the morning sunshine,

I wander through the trees,

Listening to birds,

As I in and out weave.


The birds tweet a beautiful song,

As I walk Little Pup and reflect, strolling along.

So what about yourselves? Describe what would your ideal doggy walk is or would be? Do you get inspiration first thing in the morning? Do you spend time in the quiet woods to reflect while walk or running too?





3 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration – Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

  1. Hi Madison. I’m not sure if you’re up for it but I nominated you for Liebster Award. You’re one of my first few followers and ever since I found your blog I kept skimming to your post for updates. Your writing is very neat, honest and lighthearted. So if you want to receive the award just click this link: https://thesmallmagic.wordpress.com/2016/10/09/first-magic-liebster-award/ and follow the rules below. 🙂 Have a good week and happy blogging!

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much! I am honoured to have been nominated! My first one too so it kinda special show could I refuse! Of course I accept! I will answer your very inspiring questions as soon as I have my writing area sorted … a mammoth task I wish I never started! Up-cycling always seems like a good idea until you get halfway through the first primer coat! lol

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