Anxiety is the fear of the unknown!

It grips your chest and squeezes every little bit of breath out of your body. It clenches around your heart and makes you paranoid and scared.

Anxiety. It invades every pore on a bad day making the simplest of tasks hard.

A happy thought can turn to worry and paranoia. Your feelings crash against each other in their own personal battle.

It makes daily routines and simple tasks like the school run feel like a marathon you’re not fit enough to tackle. A fear rises and the dread is like a wall blocking your way forward.

You worry people are watching and judging you so it is easier to stay in.

It can have you pacing the floor wearing out your carpet as the fear bubbles and escapes into a cry.

Your mind takes over and mixes your feelings up like a tornado of debris crashing around your brain.

Then the panic attack happens, you try to talk about your feelings but the words don’t come out, you stumble on words and sentences come to a jumbled mess as the fear takes hold and squashes any brave thoughts you had.

Isolation takes hold. The friends visit less and become people from the past. The odd nod in the street as you pass, compared to the strong friendship who you had and who you shared secrets with.

You get invited out for a coffee which you really want to do but something happens in the morning that catches you off guard and suddenly the coffee you were looking forward to is just a bitter taste in your mouth.

Slowly friends stop contacting you because they think you’re avoiding them but don’t ask why they assume you’re rude or you are not the person they thought they knew.

They think their feelings about you are right when really they are far from the truth.

Anxiety will break you unless you fight it!

The daily fight is real!

It’s time to talk!

Madison Ward

12 thoughts on “What No One Tells You About Anxiety

    1. Thank you. I’ve only recently started writing about my anxiety as I’ve never really told people before but you get to a sera point in your life where you need to talk about it to conquer the feelings of helplessness. I’ve described how it feels to me.

      Thank you for reading.

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  1. One of the most helpful things for me is to understand the difference between anxiety and fear is to truly understand the definitions and difference between the two.

    Fear is a response to an ACTUAL threat or event. For example I am walking through the woods and a lion starts to chase me. I have fear of being eaten by a lion, circumstances exist that it could actually happen.

    Anxiety is a response to a PERCEIVED threat or event. I’m walking through the woods and I’m afraid of being eaten by a lion even though I have not seen a lion.

    Now when I get those butterflies or nervous feelings and I ask myself is this an actual or perceived threat it really helps me put things in perspective.

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    1. I find just making myself go out helps, I’m often find once Im there but it’s the unknown that triggers me. That’s not for everyone though.

      I hope you find a way of dealing with your anxiety.



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