Welcome to The Fiction Cafe!


Heya! I’m Madison, Thanks for stopping by!

My blog will mainly be my ramblings about my everyday thoughts, some flash fiction, and most probably the trials and fun of being a parent! I’m an honest person and speak the truth that sometimes people don’t like to hear … so expect some shocks and laughs along the way!

I’m a new blogger, writing is a hobby that I’ve recently started. I’m by no means a professional but hope I will better myself through my blog so please do let me know how I’m doing! I love a bit of positive critisism! In fact I probably need it! I want to write a book one day …. Maybe through my blog I will get there!

In recent years I’ve experienced things that have made me look long and hard at my life! I now adopt a much more positive outlook on life. I reflect alot so don’t be surprised if what I write is about you!

Read, Enjoy and share your thoughts! Look forward to virtually meeting you all!




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