Daily Prompt – Dear Diary…

Dear Diary … Monday So, I’m writing this right now as I can’t wait until I go to bed!  I just got home from school! It was amazing! He was so lovely and said he would walk me home! EEk! I can’t believe he likes me! I’m in the year below him too. He is my new love! I think I really like him! Tuesday I got to school this morning and Josh came straight over. He didn’t even bring his friends over to me to say hi but I don’t care!… Read More

Daily Prompt – Time

  So I was a little stumped for a post and thought I would go to the daily prompt for inspiration for today’s post! When I realised what today’s prompt was, I have to say I was pleased! It actually gives a reason to go over past issues I’ve had when I was growing up and hurtful comments I had while at school!   Angel Eyes I arrive at school on a normal day wondering what today will bring. The morning was the start to a new week and the class were… Read More

Daily Prompt – Marathon

  I try to pry my eyes open while the persistent ringing throws echoes into my ears making my head hurt. I open my eyes enough to flail my arm at the snooze button. I know I need to get out of bed straight away this morning but it’s not very inspiring when I can hear the rain splashing against the window pane. It sounds like a waterfall and realises the guttering still needs to be cleared. Instead of getting up, I wrap the quilt tightly around me to grasp sleep again… Read More

Daily Prompt – Cake

    Cake, what everyone craves for everyday!   It’s her 15th birthday and she asked for a chocolate cake. Covered and decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries! Did she get it? Of course, she did! It was exactly what she asked for! She wanted a Devil’s Food Cake, All Sticky and gooey! With chocolate buttercream in the middle and chocolate ganache on top! She wanted chocolate dipped strawberries on top! Chocolate splattered in a pattern on top! She loved it! We all sang Happy Birthday to her! Oh, wait!! Damn it! I forgot… Read More

Daily Prompt – Eclipse

      What would happen if, in those brief few minutes, when the moon covers the sun, a parallel world can be accessed through the eclipse? What if an eclipse was, in fact, a time-leap into another world. Where would your world be? What would you see in a parallel world? There are three types of lunar eclipses: penumbral, when the Moon crosses only the Earth’s penumbra; partial, when the Moon crosses partially into the Earth’s umbra; and total, when the Moon crosses entirely into the Earth’s umbra.

Daily Prompt – Ghost

  It’s late at night and as I walk along the dark winding road, the darkness envelopes me and I find the temperature drop. The clouds cover the moon and the atmosphere darkens and envelopes me in a chill. The road is clear, no traffic or noise. But as I continue my journey to an unknown place the fog comes in and around me. The time it takes for me to reach the end of the road, the fog begins to clear and I see a car parked at a strange angle… Read More

Daily Prompt – Carry

I Await You   In the days you were growing, I carry and bear your weight. Life grows inside of me, A little person is given by fate.   The child I love already, I love in ways unknown. The days turn into weeks, as you grow where you were sown.   The time is slow and painful, As your weight pulls down on me. The end is slow in getting here, My baby, I wait to meet and see.   The day is here at last, You’re born into the world…. Read More

Daily Prompt – Obssessed

Love or Obsession?   Obsession is addictive, Obsession rules your life! What do you have in your life that you are obsessed with? Is it an object or a craft? Do you have a hobby that you touch but can’t leave alone? Do you love dogs, cats or cars? For me it is rainbows. The way I stack my children’s cups plates and bowls. Always in rainbow order. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. It has to be that way or I get very annoyed. I will open my cupboard and see… Read More

Daily Prompt – Joke

It’s Time for School Run In the early morning sun, I shower and dress for the weather. T-shirt, shorts and flip flops and the faint spray of perfume. I go downstairs and prepare breakfast for the children. Cereal or toast is the choice this morning, neither is wanted as usual for my three darlings! The morning is busy and with a quick pace, the children arrive one after the other. One little girl arrives in leggings and a long sleeved top, coat and wellies. A wry smile appears on my face as I… Read More

Daily Prompt – Luxury 

The World can be a very misleading place. In times of hardship and illness,  you expect someone to be there for you when no one else is. When you have no family or when the ones you do have are busy, you draw on a friends help. But what if they are not there? Who do you turn to? You don’t. You cope. Life is a test for many reasons and one of them is to worm out the people you see through rose tinted glasses. They are not always who they… Read More