Mummy Talks #4 – Daddy’s Birthday!



Tomorrow is my partners birthday so as is customary in our house the children always make a birthday cake. They love the whole messiness of cooking and the licking of the bowl just like all other children. My children have strong stomachs so raw egg here is a  weekly treat!

The first batch of cupcakes went into the oven came out over cooked which resulted in them being in the bin. There is nothing worse than expecting a lovely fluffy cupcake and ending up with a mouth full of chewy biscuit! … If only they were taken out by oldest daughter after two minutes as I asked. The distraction of son being picked up by daddy for football and I was talking to him, it was too much to ask the child to do that for me right?

The fact that we have family coming over this afternoon for a family games night is obviously pressuring at the back of mind that we need to be tidied up cleaned, hoovered and be ready to present a beautiful chocolate cake to daddy once he arrives home from work at 5 pm. The nice tidy front room that was painlessly tidied and cleaned last hit that now looks like a tornado has flown through for a visit!

Not only that but an optician appointment for the daughter to be told as I know will happen “How often do you still wear your glasses, Bethany?” The child who is a teenager and full of righteous emotions tell me that she can see better without them. The same glasses that are correcting her 40-year-old eyes! She is 15 in case you wondered. Apparently, the whole new age of iPads, phones and the need for kids to have gadgets tied to their faces has caused the world’s children and teenagers to have an increase of glasses needed. Another reason I really hate gadgets… ask Max! He will tell you how much I hate electronic toys! They have their place I know but really? They need to be attached once you roll out of bed and fall asleep with them still attached to your ears?

So while I’m waiting for cupcakes to now cook… (second batch) and the icing on birthday cake and the little cupcakes to go with them which will be decorated by the children, I am updating all you Mums out there who are also pulling your hair out getting cakes baked tidying up and getting stressed out that another birthday has arrived to celebrate wanting everything to be perfect!

The irony is …I’ve cooked the chocolate cake and cupcakes myself!





Mummy Talks #2


Proud Mummy Moment!

So today is the day that every parent becomes a nervous wreck, paces backwards and forwards when it arrives when their child is in secondary school! It’s the day our children work hard for, for over two years. Blood, sweat, tears and doubt go through their minds as they prepare and attend their exams! Today was Year 10 GCSE Results Day!

My big girl is in year 10 at her school and did 4 subjects at GCSE level early as do all children nowadays … not like when I was at school and we had to cram all exams into one year! They now get a go at it early!

We all arrived at school, moody, stressed and worried … We left with mahoosive grins!

My daughter got her grades she wanted and more! A whole level higher than she expected! She was worried because she didn’t think she had done as well as she could have but when receiving her grade realised she actually got the highest level achievable!

We had a bit of trouble getting our heads around the results paper as it wasn’t exactly clear … bit confusing but once we worked it out it was all fab!

A very pleased and happy daughter and a very happy and proud Mummy!

it’s now time for me to pay up! I promised her big rewards for her grades! Looks like my living room carpet will have to wait!



My First Mummy Talks Post!



Today is Thursday! The day I introduce my new blog feature!

So I’ve participated in the Daily Post prompts, where you create a post focused on a word you use for inspiration. Read more here …  DailyPrompt

This gave me the inspiration to introduce a weekly feature to my page. One of my goals was to create a feature which I spoke about in an earlier post called Blogging Goals It’s nice to see that lots of people are posting and interacting with other people’s blogs to try and get their blog seen so I thought I would give it a go too so if you would like to participate then please do!

Mummy Talks is the new feature I have started and will be a weekly post every Thursday! (Or more if I have lots to say). It will be a mixture of parenthood, funny conversations, the struggles and joys and trials of being a Mum to three very different children! A teenager, Pre-teen and Toddler! You can’t get much different than that right?

If you would like to take part, use the #MummyTalks tag.

Also, Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think may be interested! I’d love for this to become a regular feature on The Fiction Café and for lots of my followers to join in!

Let’s all help each other get noticed!  😊