Flash Fiction – Shadows


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple hosts the flash fiction challenge called

Friday Fictioneers!

Take the challenge to write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words using the weekly picture prompt.


“Dad! Where are you?” I call through the house.

Simultaneously feeling chilled, by a draught even though the window is shut.

I’m motionless, caught in stride. Not believing the image I see.

A shadow of an old man.

My chest tight, my breath visible in the summer heat.

Tightness wrapping around my body and squeezing the air out my lungs.

But no one is there.

Just a darkness.

“There you are! Look, Claire! Found at the building site! I bet they hold some history!” Dad stands in front of me looking at his feet.

Walking in a dead man’s shoes!


Genre – Horror (100 words)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Memories Through the Lens




I remember taking this picture in 2012. It was the evening of our last night. We stayed at the Zafiris Hotel on Canal D’Amour in Sidari. Our hotel for two weeks coinciding with the London Olympics 2012. Corfu at Sunset over the pool.

We were on holiday with our children and his family. The image for me represents happiness, not a picture of where we stayed but the memories made for the children for years to come.

The swimming pool, still and motionless at night but active and busy during the day… The children playing in the water, learning to dive, splash bombs, pool games and water polo! Natalia and crew entertaining us with Olympic games and competition. Archery and Phil of Loxley! Pool, and table tennis champions and medals and cocktails as rewards for the winner! My sons face when he won table tennis! My daughters face when she won the water balloon throwing competition! Phil’s face when he won the Archery competition for the third time! Seeing the adults competing for the title of Lilo Race Champion! Parents sunbathing, the smell of sun lotions and ice-cream. Memories of the hilarious drunken slur of my sister-in-law after her second unbeknown double shot of Amaretto! Every woman around the pool reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Greek food, 40-degree sunshine, beautiful beaches and day trips by boat to secluded beaches and the boat trip … Oh, the thinking of boats!  The stuck anchor on the sea bed! Holiday song!

Time spent with my family and friends. My then-boyfriend and my now fiancé. He proposes to me at this hotel three years later as the sunset over the ocean. Another year with many more memories! This place and the people there will always hold a very special place in my heart.

This is my window into memories of the past, framed as my happy place!




Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

“My 6am Blissful Morning Walk!”


The morning starts with Lillie whining to be let out her crate. I listen silently hoping my partner hears her and goes to her first. At the side of me, the snoring gets louder … Hmmm, he is playing me at my game! The cheek of it! So quietly I lay there in case he hears her. Still nothing but snoring from a dead weight laying next to me. I pretend to be roused by the puppy and that I’ve only just heard her in case she is truly just waking up.

I get dressed quickly, as soon as I’m up and out of bed, the tail wagging gets louder! It’s a race to be ready before the baby is woken up!

I go to her while her tail is wagging loudly against the side of her crate threatening to wake up the children. The caravan is small, there is room for her but for a 16-week puppy she takes up a quarter of the total floor space. Not that I don’t like that she is part of my family, I love her like a child but come on! There are five humans living in this tiny home for two weeks! Share the space!

Letting her out quietly is like a plane trying to take off without the noise of the engines! It’s impossible!

The crate is open … Tail wagging is furious … Middle child stretches loudly! Puppy is banging the sides of the crate creating a commotion like a rhino is in there … Baby sits up … “Hello, Lillie”.  I’m at the door, opening it quietly but that last bit that sticks where the catch doesn’t quite unclick without a loud noise and then … Teenage daughter in the awning is awake! “What time is it.” … “Go back to sleep baby girl … It’s only 6,” … I wait for the “What? Why did you wake me up?” In a millisecond, there it is!

Lillies lead is on, walking bag is filled with all the essentials needed, crossed over my shoulder and I’m gone … With a big smile on my face as I hear hubby say … “Morning Kids”.