Everyday Inspiration – Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

So, again I slipped on the blogging university challenges! Oops. I’m back on it now … again Day 4 was to post a photo from a selection provided to spark a post for today. The above image is the one I’ve chosen. I went to Cornwall in the summer with my family and our local doggy walk looked to be something very similar to this one. I actually posted a photo within a post at the beginning of my blogging journey. So the reason I chose this image? Looking at the photo… Read More

Everyday Inspiration – Day 3: One Word Inspiration

I started blogging at WordPress after my holiday to Cornwall and became inspired to become a writer. I then found and undertook the courses offered by Blogging University. I started three courses but got so involved in the daily post and messaging new bloggers and interacting with others that I didn’t complete my courses! Shame on me I know but I’m back and hoping to get back on it now with the next activity! One word inspiration was chosen from a section of words. Here is mine! Regret I’m a 15-year-old child… Read More

First World Problems!

  What? No Wi-Fi?   After a weekend away in the caravan, our second home, I have felt that I’ve wasted 4 days of blogging! I was in the groove of daily posts and the Blogging University tasks but the lack of a wifi connection brought me to a halt! When it comes to wifi which is embedded into our lives as a necessity not a luxury and when staying away in a caravan, in a field with no local hot spots the word ‘wifi’ is a swear word! It creates an… Read More

Blogging and Branding

I’m currently taking part in a ten-day challenge with WordPress, Blogging University. Its aim is to increase audience and give my blog a kickstart. I’m still fairly new to blogging and starting out as a newbie is quite daunting to start a new career in something totally alien to me. I can write Facebook posts, emails and such like but to actually write with a professional purpose is the scary part. The reason I started a blog was to gain experience in writing through a platform that is anonymous. Facebook doesn’t really… Read More