Everyday Inspiration – Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

So, again I slipped on the blogging university challenges! Oops. I’m back on it now … again Day 4 was to post a photo from a selection provided to spark a post for today. The above image is the one I’ve chosen. I went to Cornwall in the summer with my family and our local doggy walk looked to be something very similar to this one. I actually posted a photo within a post at the beginning of my blogging journey. So the reason I chose this image? Looking at the photo… Read More

Everyday Inspiration – Day 3: One Word Inspiration

I started blogging at WordPress after my holiday to Cornwall and became inspired to become a writer. I then found and undertook the courses offered by Blogging University. I started three courses but got so involved in the daily post and messaging new bloggers and interacting with others that I didn’t complete my courses! Shame on me I know but I’m back and hoping to get back on it now with the next activity! One word inspiration was chosen from a section of words. Here is mine! Regret I’m a 15-year-old child… Read More

Everyday Inspiration Day 2: Write a List

Oh, my word! When I saw my email included the word list I got so damn excited! I was born for lists! I love them! I have lists everywhere! For everything! This task is right up my street! Can you feel the excitement? We have lists for everything! Shopping lists, Christmas lists, birthday lists, lists of things to do, bucket lists and a list of rules to live by! (Like Mine in the Photo!) My list of Things I Like! The aroma of a mocha coffee in the morning. The sound of music when… Read More

Everyday Inspiration Day 1: I Write Because …

  In the late evening when everyone is in bed, I can switch off my mind to the everyday routine and open my mind to writing and inspirations… I can open my heart to an open book, with blank pages waiting to be filled. I can express more freely and get out onto the white crisp paper the thoughts that cloud my mind. I can unload the images of doubt and procrastination and fill the page with the inspiration that is fighting to get out in the open and wait to be… Read More

First World Problems!

  What? No Wi-Fi?   After a weekend away in the caravan, our second home, I have felt that I’ve wasted 4 days of blogging! I was in the groove of daily posts and the Blogging University tasks but the lack of a wifi connection brought me to a halt! When it comes to wifi which is embedded into our lives as a necessity not a luxury and when staying away in a caravan, in a field with no local hot spots the word ‘wifi’ is a swear word! It creates an… Read More

32 Questions! 

I came across this post on a friend’s Facebook status and thought it would be good to share! It said … Can you fill this out without lying? The questions are not that out of the ordinary so not sure why anyone would want to lie when answering them. Anyway, here are my answer’s … What was the last thing you put in your mouth? … Coffee – Mocha obviously! Where was your profile picture taken? … In a local Chinese ‘Eat all you want’ restaurant in the town I live. Do you… Read More