Everyday Inspiration – Day 4: A Story in a Single Image


So, again I slipped on the blogging university challenges! Oops. I’m back on it now … again Day 4 was to post a photo from a selection provided to spark a post for today. The above image is the one I’ve chosen.

I went to Cornwall in the summer with my family and our local doggy walk looked to be something very similar to this one. I actually posted a photo within a post at the beginning of my blogging journey. So the reason I chose this image? Looking at the photo makes me smile. It’s the serenity the Forrest or woods give me. There is something very special about walking through the trees walking your dog with the morning light peeking through the trees.

It creates a very calming atmosphere where I can reflect on my life. Suffering from anxiety sometimes you just need the quiet to hear the jumble of thoughts in your mind.   As I hear the morning break with the sounds of birds the feelings of happiness often wash over me. Just getting out in the fresh air gives a feeling of release especially if I’m on my own. If I could have any wish it would be for there to be a wood on my doorstep that I could get up early in the morning and take my little Pup on a walk in. For me the nearest is a 10-minute walk away but believe me with 3 children to get ready for school I don’t have the time first thing to travel to a wood to begin my quiet ideal walk.


In the morning sunshine,

I wander through the trees,

Listening to birds,

As I in and out weave.


The birds tweet a beautiful song,

As I walk Little Pup and reflect, strolling along.

So what about yourselves? Describe what would your ideal doggy walk is or would be? Do you get inspiration first thing in the morning? Do you spend time in the quiet woods to reflect while walk or running too?





Everyday Inspiration – Day 3: One Word Inspiration

I started blogging at WordPress after my holiday to Cornwall and became inspired to become a writer. I then found and undertook the courses offered by Blogging University. I started three courses but got so involved in the daily post and messaging new bloggers and interacting with others that I didn’t complete my courses!

Shame on me I know but I’m back and hoping to get back on it now with the next activity! One word inspiration was chosen from a section of words. Here is mine!



I’m a 15-year-old child behaving like an adult. I shouldn’t do these things, I’m not mature nor old enough to understand the feelings. Is it right I feel exhilarated that I have kissed a man? Do I feel regret that I will never see this man again? He made me feel older than my years. Wanted and I felt needed. He said he was 24. He was just there at the right time when my friend walked off with a guy. I told her not to go but she went anyway. I’m now alone walking in the cold and dark to get a taxi.


Earlier that night …


This guy saw me, standing at the bar waiting to get a drink. He kindly ordered me a Bacardi and Coke. My Mum told me to “Stay safe Darling.” Mum thought I was staying at my friend’s house. She would never let me go to a nightclub. I think back to her words and push them to the back of my mind. Am I safe with this man? I ignore the warnings popping into my mind and start chatting to this guy who says his name is Dave. He seems kind and asks me the normal chit chat, asking where I’m from, where I work and the naive me, trustingly tells him. My mind is telling me to shut up! The feelings of warmth and excitement run through my body as I talk to him. He stands close to my face I can feel his breath on my cheek as he shouts over the music that I’m pretty and I have nice eyes. … I’m not sure about this but I thank him. We try to talk about mundane things as we get to know each other a little. As I look at him, he is quite good looking, he is tall with dark hair and brown eyes. He is very charming and smiles as I answer his questions.


We dance to ‘Jump Around’ My favourite song at the moment where you can let go and shake off all the worries away with the music and just feel free. We dance for a while to other songs including  “Killer, Sweet Child of Mine and Sugar and Spice”. After a while, we go and get another drink but the music is so loud that I can’t hear what he is saying? He smells nice I think to myself … A strong aftershave that smells fresh.
images-16He takes my hand and leads me to the front door to talk outside where it is quieter. I say to him, “I couldn’t really hear what you were saying! It was so loud in there!”  He takes my hand again and walks over the carpark with a smile and leads me to an undercover area where we can’t be seen. My heart is racing as I realise how alone and vulnerable I am with this strange but handsome guy … I tell him it’s dark here and I think we should go back in … This man is an adult … I know this is wrong but curiosity tells me I should just see what he has to say. I ask him what he was saying? He just smiles and leans in to kiss me .. I pull back and say “Wait .. what are you doing?”  He says ‘Kiss me! .. I said kiss me’ I try to relax a little, I was feeling curious to know what it feels like to kiss a man! The only people I’ve kissed are a couple of boys … No experience and far too eager. So, I lean in and kiss him back but I’m consumed by his wide open wet mouth all over me! This is not a nice kiss at all! Not at all what I was imagining. I thought grown ups were considerate, passionate and gentle when they kiss.  It feels like he is going make me gag as he shoves his tongue in my mouth! I pull back! I grab his hand and smile at him to distract what is happening and pull him back toward the nightclub where I felt safer. He follows but I can tell he is angry and frustrated. We go back inside and he says he will be back in a minute. I watch as he walks away. I wait a few minutes but he doesn’t return. I’m relieved as I think of what could have happened but I also feel very grown-up as I remember his kiss. I know that things could have got out of hand and I could have done something I would really regret. It may not have gone the way I wanted or even worse!


images-5Regret or Mistake?

After I look around the club for my friend I realise she must have left as I can’t see her anywhere. I walk around once more and find her talking to her ‘boyfriend’. I tell her I’ve decided to go home. I’m just not really enjoying myself. I walk to the door with a smile on my face but inside I feel I’ve let my Mum down. She would be so disappointed in me.

In the cold of the night, I wander home. To the place where I feel safe. I then think about the past couple of hours and open my mind to the regret I feel. I run things through in my mind as I think what may have happened. What would I have done then? The moment with this man was only a few kisses in the dark. What if he had more in mind. He was an adult after all. I read I the paper last week about a girl who went out and I feel lucky as I realise I had a lucky escape!

Everyday Inspiration Day 2: Write a List


Oh, my word! When I saw my email included the word list I got so damn excited! I was born for lists! I love them! I have lists everywhere! For everything! This task is right up my street! Can you feel the excitement?

We have lists for everything! Shopping lists, Christmas lists, birthday lists, lists of things to do, bucket lists and a list of rules to live by! (Like Mine in the Photo!)

My list of Things I Like!

  1. The aroma of a mocha coffee in the morning.

  2. The sound of music when I’m feeling nostalgic.

  3. Binge watching TV series on Netflix with my Fiancé.

  4. Listening to my children’s laughter when playing.

  5. Caravan weekends away as a family.

  6. Walking my dog in the woods in the early morning sun.

  7. The smell of wood burning in the Chiminea.

  8. Carpool Karaoke on road trips as a family.

  9. Childhood memories of my parents and family.

  10. The sounds of birds first thing in the morning.

  11. The sound of birds first thing in the morning.

  12. Someone playing with my hair.

  13. The smell of old books.

  14. The smell of a baby’s newborn skin.

  15. Seeing a blanket of untouched snow.

  16. Taking photographs with my Nokia camera.

Everyday Inspiration Day 1: I Write Because …



In the late evening when everyone is in bed, I can switch off my mind to the everyday routine and open my mind to writing and inspirations…

I can open my heart to an open book, with blank pages waiting to be filled. I can express more freely and get out onto the white crisp paper the thoughts that cloud my mind.

I can unload the images of doubt and procrastination and fill the page with the inspiration that is fighting to get out in the open and wait to be read.

The words from a story that my lips have not spoken but stay sealed within my clouded mind. They tell a story unbeknown to friends and family.

The secrets kept within are freed and tension is released with each word as it falls through ink onto paper. Thoughts and secrets are told to people that I do not know because secrets told to people close to me would not want to be heard.

It is a waterfall of emotion, a glass full of liquid tales waiting to be poured. A new way to release the tension built within my soul.

As the words tumble from the mind, a new profound belief is born. I am worthy of being listened to. I can tell a tale of hope and dreams. I may be good at the pen to the paper task of writing and it may become a craft I can perform, create, evolve and succeed.

In time the words will be read and understood and the weight will be lifted … Time will be the book of truth and will be everlasting until earth befalls death and no longer lives on.




First World Problems!



What? No Wi-Fi?


After a weekend away in the caravan, our second home, I have felt that I’ve wasted 4 days of blogging! I was in the groove of daily posts and the Blogging University tasks but the lack of a wifi connection brought me to a halt!

When it comes to wifi which is embedded into our lives as a necessity not a luxury and when staying away in a caravan, in a field with no local hot spots the word ‘wifi’ is a swear word! It creates an unknown emotion well up inside that feels like your heart will explode from the anger! …

The frustration and annoyance have made me drop the flow of creativity and writing and I’m now in a position to decide the following …

  1. Catch up on 4 days activities and post all in one day! … If I do this all posts called Day 1 etc will be posted on one day … Do I call them Tasks instead?

  2. Continue from today as Day 2?


The latter is definitely the better option but I also have another dilemma … I signed up for 3 different courses! Ahh! That means to catch up it would, in fact, be 12 posts!


Decisions, decisions … What would you do?

32 Questions! 

I came across this post on a friend’s Facebook status and thought it would be good to share! It said … Can you fill this out without lying? The questions are not that out of the ordinary so not sure why anyone would want to lie when answering them.

Anyway, here are my answer’s …

  1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? … Coffee – Mocha obviously!

  2. Where was your profile picture taken? … In a local Chinese ‘Eat all you want’ restaurant in the town I live.

  3. Do you play Pokemon Go? … I have to admit … A little, more with my son as he doesn’t have a phone.

  4. Name someone who made you laugh today? … Sophia, my darling funny little 2-year-old! She was eating a strawberry and making noises as she bit it!

  5. How late did you stay up last night and why? … 12.30am-ish – trying desperately to get wifi to work so I could post on WordPress!

  6. If you could move somewhere else, where would you move? … Cornwall – To a house with a bigger garden and a tree that could have a swing attached to. (Childhood dream) Would need to be in walking distance of a little-wooded area or a very close local beach so I could walk Lillie the puppy

  7. Ever been kissed under fireworks? … Yes by Phil my fiancé.

  8. Which of your friends lives the closest?  … Phil, my fiancé. He is my best friend! Can’t get closer than that! 😘

  9. Do you believe exes can be friends? … Yes, eventually and it really does depend on the ex! If you have children and not with the Dad it is difficult but eventually, it can work. I’m good friends my sons Dad.

  10. How do you feel about Dr Pepper? …. It’s fizzy?

  11. When was the last time you cried? … Yesterday. I was having a conversation about not having my parents see my children growing up. It’s heartbreaking that my children do not have grandparents on my side of the family. I feel we all miss out on precious memories and feel it’s important that children have the love of grandparents.

  12. Who took your profile picture? … Me! It’s a selfie of course!

  13. Who was the last person you took a picture of? … Phil, he caught a fish while camping and of course that’s a rare occurrence!

  14. Was today better than yesterday?  … I’m away in the caravan … Both days were fabulous! They always are when we are away.

  15. Can you live a day without TV?  … Yes! Most definitely! We went without TV for two weeks while away end of July in Cornwall! Electrics are the bane of my life! I obviously need wifi etc for work and my blog but overall I would quite happily live in a little cottage by the sea and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks!

  16. Are you upset about anything?  … Always!! Life is hard!

  17. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it? …  A good relationship with my fiancé most definitely! He is my life!

  18. Are you a bad influence?  … I have children so I have to be good! There is no rule book to being a parent so I have to set an example to the best of my ability!

  19. Night out or night in? … Night in playing games with my family!

  20. What items could you not go without during the day?  … My children, dog and fiancé!  My phone and medication!

  21. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?  … My Mum. 😢

  22. What does the last text message in your inbox say ? … Morning angel xxx

  23. How do you feel about your life right now? … Happy with my life, but there are changes I would make

  24. Do you hate anyone? … Hate is a strong word but there is one person who I know who lies and is very deceitful  … yes!

  25. If we were to look in your inbox what would we find? … Don’t look, that would just be rude and unacceptable!

  26. Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass? … Yes! I’ve never touched any drugs! Except prescribed obviously!

  27. Has anyone ever called you perfect?  … Yes, my fiancé … I don’t agree!

  28. Someone knocks on your window at 2 am who do you want it to be?  … My Parents! I miss them both terribly!
  29. Name something you have to do tomorrow? … Pack up and return home! Always a sad day!
  30. Do you think too much or too little? … Far too much, I’m a 24/7 thinker! I’m always running things over in my mind!

  31. Do you laugh a lot? … Yes with the children! They are hilarious!

  32. Do you have any fears? Not loads, but we all have fears


Now copy this and do it yourself! … Tag back to me so I can see your answers!!