Happy Thanksgiving!

  Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends over the pond. I’ve woken up today in a happy mood. Whether that is because I slept well or if it’s because I hit 29’000 word count for my novel, I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that I have a lot to be thankful for. When it comes to life we have to be thankful to have our family and friends, a career that makes money to keep a roof over our heads and our health. we are alive so embrace it! Here… Read More

Mummy Talks #2

Proud Mummy Moment! So today is the day that every parent becomes a nervous wreck, paces backwards and forwards when it arrives when their child is in secondary school! It’s the day our children work hard for, for over two years. Blood, sweat, tears and doubt go through their minds as they prepare and attend their exams! Today was Year 10 GCSE Results Day! My big girl is in year 10 at her school and did 4 subjects at GCSE level early as do all children nowadays … not like when I was at school… Read More

My First Mummy Talks Post!

My new feature called #MummyTalks will be about the trials of being a Mum!

Family Blessings

Family time is precious!   When it is time to spend the holiday as a family we look forward to all the precious times together we will have. The mundane routine is replaced with the relaxed atmosphere that time no longer exists. The freedom of choice of activities becomes an exciting adventure. The morning is lazy, breakfast is not planned but consumed when hungry. Bedtime .. There is no bedtime! We envision all the things we will do, go to the beach, walk along the coastal walks, take lots of family photographs… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

“My 6am Blissful Morning Walk!” The morning starts with Lillie whining to be let out her crate. I listen silently hoping my partner hears her and goes to her first. At the side of me, the snoring gets louder … Hmmm, he is playing me at my game! The cheek of it! So quietly I lay there in case he hears her. Still nothing but snoring from a dead weight laying next to me. I pretend to be roused by the puppy and that I’ve only just heard her in case she is… Read More

It’s all about the packing up and moving on …

We are going home after a lovely two weeks in Cornwall with my family spending quality time together, but it is time to say goodbye until next year. It’s been a holiday of joy and disappointment, fun and happy times, eating too much food and drinking so much of the wrong things! For Mocha addicted me … Too much coffee! Finally … This holiday has brought me some time to make some decisions… I can’t continue as I am, changes need to be made to save us all. The children need more… Read More