Daily Prompt – Carry

I Await You   In the days you were growing, I carry and bear your weight. Life grows inside of me, A little person is given by fate.   The child I love already, I love in ways unknown. The days turn into weeks, as you grow where you were sown.   The time is slow and painful, As your weight pulls down on me. The end is slow in getting here, My baby, I wait to meet and see.   The day is here at last, You’re born into the world…. Read More

Blogging and Branding

I’m currently taking part in a ten-day challenge with WordPress, Blogging University. Its aim is to increase audience and give my blog a kickstart. I’m still fairly new to blogging and starting out as a newbie is quite daunting to start a new career in something totally alien to me. I can write Facebook posts, emails and such like but to actually write with a professional purpose is the scary part. The reason I started a blog was to gain experience in writing through a platform that is anonymous. Facebook doesn’t really… Read More

Why I am here …

What brought me to Wordpress and made me decide become a blogger?