Love or Obsession?



Obsession is addictive, Obsession rules your life!

What do you have in your life that you are obsessed with? Is it an object or a craft? Do you have a hobby that you touch but can’t leave alone? Do you love dogs, cats or cars?

For me it is rainbows. The way I stack my children’s cups plates and bowls. Always in rainbow order. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. It has to be that way or I get very annoyed. I will open my cupboard and see they are muddled up and feel the anger that something so simple is so hard for my partner or children to follow. To me, it is annoying but is it really the problem? Of course not!  Is it just my obsession and that my family can’t see how important it is for them to be in order?

It’s not that I have OCD, as I don’t (undiagnosed) but it just looks pretty! I like ordering and colour coding. I like lists and ticking items off them once completed.

I like my obsession! … I love rainbows!



Daily Prompt

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Obssessed

  1. That’s a super nice obsession to have! I have a few. I can’t go to bed and sleep well if I know there’s dirty dishes in the sink, I bag my groceries by type: fruits with fruits, cupboard stuff together etc. You can’t magine my stress when someone from the supermarket comes around to help bag my shopping haha. I haven’t been diagnosed either, just makes more sense and makes my life easier for the subsequent tasks.


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